Janusz Czapski

Front-end Developer/Web Designer

I design & develop stylish, responsive websites, with a focus on great user experiences.

01. About me

I am a junior web developer, based in Nottingham, who is looking to break into the world of web development. I have been learning & progressing my development skills for almost 4 years, since starting my BSc (Hons) in Digital Media at the University of the West of England, in 2014.

I mostly specialise in front-end development, but also have a great understanding of design theory, and how it can be utilised to produce highly effective websites & applications. With the ever-changing nature of web development, I recognise the importance of spending time researching new ways in which to streamline my development process, e.g. by using JS toolkits such as Gulp, or taking online courses in industry standard technologies (currently learning my way around Angular 5).

I believe that truly great design comes from cooperation & collaboration within teams of like-minded people, and I am currently searching for a company who can provide this type of environment. Having not long graduated, I am very keen to get started working in the industry. If you have space in your organisation for a highly self-motivated & passionate worker, then I would love to hear from you!

The Lowdown

Experience in:

Web development, web design, user experience, UI design, typography, audio-visual production, filmmaking & editing, graphic design.

Languages & technologies:

HTML & CSS, Sass, Angular 5 (TypeScript), Wordpress, JavaScript, Gulp, Git Version Control


Confident in building designs & layouts using Adobe Photoshop, and currently learning to navigate around Sketch as well. Experience with video editing & post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro.

02. Projects

Strafe Creative

Strafe Creative

Enter Site

Strafe Creative

This site was created as part of a design task for Strafe Creative, in Nottingham, leading up to an interview. The site was styled as portfolio website for a fictional company named 'ABC Company'. I was provided with a PSD document, and had to convert it to a fully responsive website with added animation & interactivity. This was done using a combination of HTML, CSS, Sass & JavaScript, alongside Materialize.css as the front-end framework.

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Heni Publishing

Angular Image Gallery

Enter Site

Angular Image Gallery

This is a small project which I have been building & refactoring as I am learning my way through Angular 5/6. I created a basic image gallery, which takes values & image paths from an array & loops through the content, to output it into a Bootstrap grid layout. I implemented the dropdown functionality myself using custom directives, and also implemented the option to copy image URLs to the clipboard, and delete items from the grid.

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More to come soon..

As a recent graduate, my current portfolio is not extensive.. but I am sinking my teeth into new projects currently, and I will be sure to update this site as soon as they are production-ready. Please be sure to check back in the near-future!

03. Contact

If you think that I would be a great fit in your company, or you have a project you would like my help with, then I would love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch using any of the information listed here, and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

email: januszczapski@gmail.com

mobile: ‍07583 667 952

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